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May 9, 2015

Sylvan Beach Amusement park

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park

Sylvan Beach photoshoot with the Syracuse photographers Association.

This morning I went off to Sylvan Beach to spend a couple of hours with the Syracuse Photographers Association to try and capture what the park feels like when empty.  The morning was warm and humid but overcast so it was pleasant. the clouds provided us with some real soft diffused light to photograph in.

The group is more a shooting group then and educational group, we usually have a meeting spot and then wander off to shoot in small groups or by yourself.  Today there was only 4 of us so we all went our own way and our paths kept passing throughout the morning.  Most outing with this group we have about 20 photographers of all experience levels.  

After the shoot we all upload a few photos and  see how others saw the day.  Always a fun time, Mindy is the organizer she always finds nice places to shoot.

After everyone left I went down on the rocks by the water and was taking some long exposures using my 10 stop and a second 3 stop ND filter.  I was hoping to get some cloud movement and nice smooth water effects.  before I knew it it was 3 pm and time to head out a little sunburned.

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